USD/AUD Exchange Rates

Get the latest updates on the USD/AUD exchange rate here. Our platform offers current trends and data, making it easy to understand and track this important currency pair for both business and personal use.

Exchange Rates

1.00 British Pound =1.15 Euros
1.00 BGR =1.15300946 EUR
1.00 EUR =0.85300946 BGR
Our currence converter displays mid-market exchange rates. You won’t receive these rates when making transfers.
Last updated:  Jan 1, 2024

About the US Dollar

  • The US Dollar was introduced in 1792.
  • The US Dollar is used in the United States and its territories. Additionally, it is used internationally as the world’s primary reserve currency.
  • The US Dollar is considered a major currency and is the most widely used currency in international transactions.
  • The US Dollar symbol is $ (US$).
  • It is regulated by the Federal Reserve System (The Fed).

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