GBP/EUR Exchange Rates

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Exchange Rates

1.00 British Pound =1.15 Euros
1.00 BGR =1.15300946 EUR
1.00 EUR =0.85300946 BGR
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Last updated:  Jan 1, 2024

About the Pound Sterling

  • The British Pound Sterling, commonly known simply as the pound, was introduced in the 8th century.
  • The British Pound Sterling is used in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, the South Sandwich Islands, the Isle of Man, South Georgia, and the British Antarctic Territory.
  • It is considered one of the world’s major currencies, historically being the oldest currency still in use today.
  • The symbol for the British Pound Sterling is £ (GBP).
  • It is regulated by the Bank of England.

GBP/EUR History


In 2023, the GBP/EUR average exchange rate was approximately 1.1497.
The highest rate point of the year was on July 12, 2023, when the rate was 1.17429.
The lowest rate point of the year was on February 6, 2023, when the rate was 1.11604.


Between 2010 and 2023, the GBP/EUR average exchange rate was approximately 1.1854.
The highest rate in this period was on July 20, 2015, when the rate was 1.4403.
The lowest rate in this period was on March 19, 2020, when the rate was 1.06033.

GBP/EUR Predictions and Expectations

For 2024, a mix of forecasts reflects the uncertain economic landscape. Goldman Sachs optimistically predicts the Pound will strengthen to 1.20 against the Euro, driven by a resilient UK economy and favorable monetary policy dynamics. In contrast, ING forecasts a weakening of GBP to EUR down to 1.1110, suggesting more aggressive interest rate cuts by the Bank of England. A consensus view suggests a slight weakening of GBP/EUR to 1.1520 by the end of 2024, as per the latest Reuters poll​.

GBP EUR exchange rate predictions for the end of 2024

Looking ahead to 2025, the GBP to EUR exchange rate shows potential for both modest gains and losses throughout the year, according to long-range forecasts. Starting the year at 1.182 Euros, the GBP is expected to experience fluctuations, reaching a peak of 1.228 Euros in March before potentially dropping to 1.155 Euros by November, and then slightly recovering to 1.185 Euros by December​.

GBP EUR exchange rate predictions in 2025

Beyond 2025, predictions continue to show a blend of minor gains and losses for the Pound against the Euro, indicating a period of relative stability with intermittent volatility. The forecasts suggest a gentle ebb and flow in the exchange rate, with factors such as UK and Eurozone economic performance, central bank policies, and geopolitical developments playing pivotal roles.

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