AUD/CAD Exchange Rates

Check in here for the AUD/CAD exchange rate. Our goal is to offer you a clear picture of how the Australian Dollar compares to the Canadian Dollar, with updates and analyses that speak to everyone.

Exchange Rates

1.00 British Pound =1.15 Euros
1.00 BGR =1.15300946 EUR
1.00 EUR =0.85300946 BGR
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Last updated:  Jan 1, 2024

About the Australian Dollar

  • The Australian Dollar was introduced in 1966.
  • The Australian Dollar is used in Australia, Kiribati, Nauru, and Tuvalu.
  • The Australian Dollar is considered a major currency and the world’s 6th most-traded currency.
  • The Australian Dollar symbol is $ (A$ or AU$).
  • It is regulated by The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).

AUD/CAD History


In 2023, the AUD/CAD average exchange rate was 0.8965.
The highest rate point of the year was on January 26, 2023, when the rate was 0.9546.
The lowest rate point of the year was on September 28, 2023, when the rate was 0.8568.


Between 2010 and 2023, the AUD/CAD average exchange rate was 0.9635.
The highest rate in this period was on February 8, 2012, when the rate was 1.078.
The lowest rate in this period was on March 19, 2020, when the rate was 0.8090.

AUD/CAD Predictions and Expectations

The AUD/CAD exchange rate is a focal point for traders and economists, given the economic dynamics of Australia and Canada. Based on a comprehensive analysis that includes historical data and forecasts from multiple sources, we provide an outlook for the AUD/CAD exchange rate for the years 2024, 2025, and beyond.

2024 Predictions

For 2024, predictions suggest a range of fluctuations in the AUD/CAD exchange rate. The year might start with the rate hovering around 0.882 to 0.893 CA Dollars in March, reaching highs of up to 0.917 and settling around 0.897 by April​. December forecasts indicate a potential high of 0.921 and a closing rate of 0.907 CA Dollars. CoinCodex offers a broader perspective, suggesting a yearly low of 0.859474 and a high of 0.909393​.

2025 Outlook

Moving into 2025, the exchange rate is expected to experience further variability. Forecasts suggest the rate might begin at 0.907 CA Dollars in January, with minimal changes initially but potentially dipping to 0.894 by February and even lower to 0.886 by March​. The year could see a low of 0.838221 and a high of 0.919860, indicating considerable volatility throughout the year​​.

AUD CAD exchange rate forecast 2025

Beyond 2025

Looking further ahead, predictions for 2026 and beyond continue to highlight the possibility of significant fluctuations. The exchange rate could potentially see a yearly low of 0.816943 and a high of 0.904082 in 2026, with a gradual shift towards stabilization in the following years. By 2030, the forecast suggests a narrowing with a low of 0.789494 and a high of 0.854679, indicating a slight downward trend over the long term​.

AUD CAD exchange rate forecast beyond 2025

Analysis and Sentiment

The sentiment towards the AUD/CAD exchange rate is cautiously optimistic, with technical analysis indicating a bullish outlook in the short term but acknowledging potential volatility. Investors and traders are advised to keep a close eye on macroeconomic indicators, central bank policies, and global market trends that could influence the exchange rate.

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