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We teach and guide customers about international money transfers. If you transfer money abroad with a bank, the fees that will be incurred are not just the wire fees ($20-$30 likely), but also the cost of exchange to a different currency. When you send money to a bank account overseas which is set up in a different currency than AUD, you pay anywhere between 2%-3% on that currency exchange alone, and sometimes a whole lot more.

In Australia, there are a lot of non-bank international money transfer companies, they are all offering to give you the best rates, beating the banks but how do they compare to each other?

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Who is Money Transfer Australia? is a free resource designed to help people and businesses who want to send and receive money from abroad.
It was started in late 2023/ early 2024, and is now going through extensive redesign and content improvement.
Our comparison engine was launched March 2024, and we intending to add every single company offering international money transfers into Australia, and from Australia, including banks and eWallets.

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We cover exclusively Australian money transfer companies, as well as multinational money transfer organizations who have local presence and lisence to operate in Australia.
We are a group of veteran writers who have covered the international money transfer industry for many years.
Some of us have worked for such companies, and others were covering them on a journalistic capacity.
We thought it would he helpful to provide Australian with real-time international money transfer rate comparison.
Our technology is built on TopMoneyCompare’s.

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How to Conduct a Safe Money Transfer 👮

  • The safest way to transfer money abroad is through your bank, insured up to $250,000 by the FCS in Australia. However, this method can be costly.
  • A cost-effective alternative is using a money transfer service. Look for services that are ASIC authorised, reputable, and well-established to avoid overly enticing deals.
  • has vetted companies for you, ensuring they meet these criteria.
Best Money Transfers of 2024 List

How to Find Cheap Transfers 💸

  • The costs of transferring money with a bank in Australia are more than 3%, on average.
  • A cost-effective alternative is using a money transfer service. There are many out there, each has its own quirks, and its own specialty.
  • has built an engine to show you the cheapest transfer for your needs, in real time.
Cheapest Money Transfers of 2024 List

Why money transfers are so pivotal in Australia

Australia’s economy is growing. This current moment is perhaps not its brightest moment, but it is without a doubt a hub for international business and one of the world’s steadiest and most stable economies. Australia’s foreign trade exceed $1t a year.

The Australian economy is also propelled by emigration and immigration.

Over a million Aussies live overseas.

That creates an ever-growing demand for international money transfers into Australia.

Australian expats often have to shift money between their own named accounts in their destination country and Australia.
Moreover, there are always payments to be made, transactions to be had, and the need for international payment among this group is skyrocketing.

Australia’s foreign-born population is estimated at more than 7.5m.

The top countries of birth for residents in Australia include England, India, China, New Zealand, and the Philippines, showcasing a diverse mix of rich nations and countries with work immigrants.

For example, are nearly 600,000 Kiwis in Australia who need to transfer money between AUD and NZD.

Foreign workers in Australia regularly send money home. The AUDINR and AUDPHP currency pairs are very common for that.

And top it off, there is a constant flow of international investments in Australian real estate. With most recent data pointing at more than $70bn of foreign investments a year, that creates yet more demand for affordable, fair, and quick international transfers.

Australia’s Economy & International Money Transfer

Billion in Foreign Trade, Annually
Million Aussies Overseas, Requiring Transfers to Australia
Million Foreign-born Residents, Transferring Money to Australia
Billion in International Real Estate Investments by Foreign Nationals, Each Year

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